Who is Evander Griiim:

Evander Griiim wants to be the voice for people chasing success, and all the ups and downs that come with it.
His music encapsulates the high-paced energy of chasing a bag, chasing goals, at the same time the lows of dealing with love at the same time...while trying to still maintain everything in between.

It all started when Gucci Mane remixed Evander's "Right Now" record, eventually leading to Rich The Kid remixing the Gucci remix. After spending some time in Atlanta, Evander eventually met Lil Yachty at Coach K's birthday party, later landing a standout feature on Yachty's 2017 Teenage Emotions project.

The three i's in Griiim represent the father, son, and Holy Spirit - meaning with any bad situation, there's always good. One thing Evander stands for is creating records for people striving to win. His sound is diverse, ranging from turn up bangers to boom bap deep cuts.

Evander states, "From Monday to Friday, we're hustling. We're grinding. But on the weekend, we party hard too. But come Monday, we're back to the grind."

Additionally, Evander launched his own label called State of Mind, alongside business partner Ruben Archuleta. The name derives from the fact that one has to have a higher state of mind to be able to do things at an elite level. Evander's fanbase is composed of people who are chasing relentless winning

Connecting people that are in an endless pursuit of something bigger than themselves by defining their "State Of Mind"
We are passionate about music and making a difference in our community by creating from our truth. We stand on our core values
1. God
3. Business